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Invisalign is a straightforward and easy way to give you a great smile! It is a fantastic option to correct that crooked tooth that you see every time you look in the mirror or correct the crowding that makes it difficult to clean your teeth. How it works: a series of computer-generated plastic aligners are fitted your teeth and progressively move them into the ideal and beautiful position. The technology in the plastic moves your teeth into position  It is a great alternative to traditional braces and is virtually invisible.

Benefits of Invisalign over braces include:

  • Easier to clean
  • Safe for children and adults
  • Better appearance
  • Less food restrictions
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Less restricting during physical activity

Do your teeth need to be aligned but you don’t want the embarrassment and inconvenience of braces? AGN Dental will help you and provide this amazing alternative in Central Connecticut.

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