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Bonding and White Filling

Bonding and tooth colored filling are options to help renew your smile to its former glory. Bonding is a technique used to correct gaps, discolorations and cracks in your teeth. Unlike porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding can be done in a single visit and it can be used to fix misshaped teeth, discolored or broken front teeth with beautiful results. Tooth colored fillings are incredibly strong and work for most cavities. They can be used to replace worn-out and failing silver filling. These tooth colored filling mimics the appearance of your natural teeth.

Benefits of bonding and filling include:

  • Improve appearance of stained teeth
  • Fill in gaps
  • Can be done in a single visit
  • Little to no removal of enamel
  • Much less extensive than porcelain veneers
  • Less expensive than alternatives

AGN Dental will assist you with filling in your teeth with a resin whether it be with a bonding or white filling technique. Call us today at (860) 668-7303  to set up an appointment and discuss options.

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